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Discipline & Welfare committee

Sl.No Name Position Category Mobile E-mail ID Address
1 Dr..SHANMUGALAKSHMI.R Member Head of the Department 9443402482 drshanmi@gct.ac.in GCE,SALEM-SALEM,636011
2 Dr.G.Vimala Rosaline Chairman Principal 9443344716 vimala66866@gmail..com GCE,SALEM-SALEM,636011
Member  Senior Faculty 9443440134 vrajnan@yahoo.co.in GCE,SALEM-SALEM,636011
4 Dr.RUBY MEENA.A Member Deputy Warden of Girls Hostel  9486872678 rubymeena77@gmail.com GCE,SALEM-SALEM,636011
5 Dr.BALUSAMY.T Member Deputy Warden of Boys Hostel  9443695352 balusamyt@rediffmail.com GCE,SALEM-SALEM,636011
6 Dr.VIVEKANANDAN.B Member Deputy Warden of Boys Hostel  9444434372 rvivekapme@gmail.com GCE,SALEM-SALEM,636011


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