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Picture Name Current Designation Contact Phone Number E-mail
Mr.P.Sundararaj Associate Professor &Head of the Department 9442551346 psundaraj_gcemet@yahoo.co.in
Mr.D.Noorullah Associate Professor 9842772437 noorullah@gcesalem.edu.in
Mrs.N.Thenammai Associate Professor 9952458394 thenammai@gcesalem.edu.in
Dr.K.Venkatesan Assistant Professor 9894872001 venkisree@yahoo.com
Dr.B.Anadavel Assistant Professor 9944380125 anandavel1977@yahoo.co.in
Mr.M.Deepak Kumar Assistant Professor 9500648662 deepakkrm@hotmail.com
Mrs.K.T.Thilagham Assistant Professor 9444131058 thilagham@gmail.com
Dr. V. Karthik Assistant Professor 9788444987 karthikv.gce@gmail.com
Mrs.S.Dhanalakshmi Assistant Professor 9841646822 ssdhanalakshmi@gmail.com
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