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News and Research in Electronics. Read about new discoveries in electronics including electronic circuits, polymer-based electronics, nanotubes and more.
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Observation of anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect

Mon, 2018-06-18 19:55
For the first time in the world, scientists have observed an anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect -- a thermoelectric conversion phenomenon in which simple redirection of the flow of a charge current in a magnetic material induces heating and cooling.

New ID pictures of conducting polymers discover a surprise ABBA fan

Sat, 2018-06-16 01:14
The first ever detailed pictures of the structure of conjugated polymers have been produced by a research team.

This is what a stretchy circuit looks like

Fri, 2018-06-15 07:08
Researchers have made a new hybrid conductive material -- part elastic polymer, part liquid metal -- that can be bent and stretched at will. Circuits made with this material can take most two-dimensional shapes and are also non-toxic.

Magnetic 3D-printed structures crawl, roll, and jump

Thu, 2018-06-14 02:00
Engineers have created soft, 3D-printed structures whose movements can be controlled with a wave of a magnet, much like marionettes without the strings. The menagerie of structures that can be magnetically manipulated includes a smooth ring that wrinkles up, a long tube that squeezes shut, a sheet that folds itself, and a spider-like 'grabber' that can crawl, roll, jump, and snap together fast enough to catch a passing ball.

Scientists find ordered magnetic patterns in disordered magnetic material

Fri, 2018-06-08 22:45
A team of scientists has confirmed a special property known as 'chirality' -- which potentially could be exploited to transmit and store data in a new way -- in nanometers-thick samples of multilayer materials that have a disordered structure.

New laser makes silicon 'sing'

Thu, 2018-06-07 23:40
Scientists have created a new type of silicon laser that uses sounds waves to amplify light.

Does nanoconfinement affect the interaction between two materials placed in contact?

Thu, 2018-06-07 19:40
Does nanoconfinement affect the interaction between two materials placed in contact? A research team shows that it is possible to estimate how nanoconfinement affects the number of contacts formed by two materials placed in intimate contact and, hence, the interfacial interactions.

Transparent, conductive films promising for developing flexible screens

Thu, 2018-06-07 02:32
Because silver is less brittle and more chemically resistant than materials currently used to make these electrodes, the new films could offer a high-performance and long-lasting option for use with flexible screens and electronics. The silver-based films could also enable flexible solar cells for installation on windows, roofs and even personal devices.

Single molecular insulator pushes boundaries of current state of the art

Wed, 2018-06-06 22:57
Researchers have synthesized the first molecule capable of insulating at the nanometer scale more effectively than a vacuum barrier. The team's insight was to exploit the wave nature of electrons. By designing an extremely rigid silicon-based molecule under 1 nm in length that exhibited comprehensive destructive interference signatures, they devised a novel technique for blocking tunnelling conduction. This new design principle has the potential to support continued miniaturization of classic transistors in the near term.

A common electronic language for magnetic resonance

Wed, 2018-06-06 21:34
The standards used to re-transcribed the collected data in organic chemistry is however specific to each laboratory, making it difficult to export the information electronically. An international team has developed a new common electronic language around two main features: it translates the data of each molecule in exactly the same way and makes it simple to export it from one information system to another.

Fungi-produced pigment shows promise as semiconductor material

Wed, 2018-06-06 01:11
Researchers are looking at a highly durable organic pigment, used by humans in artwork for hundreds of years, as a promising possibility as a semiconductor material.

Findings could spur energy-saving electronics, quantum computing

Mon, 2018-06-04 22:18
Physicists has demonstrated a way to conduct electricity between transistors without energy loss, opening the door to low-power electronics and, potentially, quantum computing that would be far faster than today's computers. Their findings involved using a special mix of materials with magnetic and insulator properties.

New way to make light interact with matter

Mon, 2018-06-04 20:55
Researchers have devised a new way to make light interact with matter. Reducing the wavelength of light could allow it to be absorbed or emitted by a semiconductor, their study suggests.

Capturing light in a waveguide array

Mon, 2018-06-04 20:55
Cheaper and more efficient photonic devices, such as lasers, optical fibers, and other light sources may be possible with confined light that is unaffected by imperfections in the material that confines it.


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